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  • Information Sites & Walking Tour

    Walking Tour

    The owners of the Cameron House also have a publishing company that provides great local information. Before you arrive, check out and You’ll find complete information on the Outer Banks to help you prepare for your trip. Also, they’ve produced the Manteo Walking Tour, a book you can use to delve deeper into the history of this island town while you here.

  • Homemade Cookies, Snacks and Other Goodies

    Homemade Cookies, Snacks and Other Goodies

    At Cameron House, we always have fresh homemade cookies under the dome in the living room and a freshly-baked dessert of some sort in the kitchen. We also have nuts, granola bars and popcorn out for when you want a non-sweet snack. Plus, a small fridge in the kitchen is always stocked with waters and soft drinks for you.

  • Outdoor Fireplace

    Outdoor Fireplace

    Imagine a crisp autumn afternoon and you sitting in front of a blazing fire with a beverage in hand. That’s what our back porch fireplace is for…to make sure you relax to the fullest. Heck, some guests even light the fire during the warmer months – kind of like a beach bonfire without all the sand.

  • Breakfast


    Cameron House Inn serves a delicious breakfast every morning from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. Robin and Chris are excellent cooks, and you’ll find anything from homestyle bacon and eggs to something a little more on the gourmet side like quiche, frittatas or breakfast burritos as well as in-house baked homemade muffins, breads or scones. We strive to satisfy the tastes of all of our guests and will accommodate any special dietary needs when given prior notice (i.e., upon reservation). You won’t go away hungry, that we promise you!