Simon Blog, cat date April 2013

Whew! It’s getting pretty warm here in Manteo, NC, at the Cameron House Inn. I’m envious of Jack, Maggie and Zepplin for their short fur…Frodo and I are hoping we’ll lose these long winter coats soon! I guess this means Spring has finally arrived on Roanoke Island, NC. Those bushes with the dark pink flowers that smell so good that I like to sleep under (Mom calls them Azaleas, I think) are really pretty, and those yellow flowers that smell really sweet are everywhere. So is the pollen. (It makes Maggie sneeze, which makes me laugh.) But it is nice to sunbathe and watch the silly dogs with their tongues hanging out.

There are a lot of people beginning to come to Cameron House all the time. This is great for me. It means if I sit nicely beside them during breakfast on the back porch and don’t pester them, I get lots of leftover quiche and bacon. Bacon is my favorite food. I hear humans like it too. Mom and Dad and Susan and Bernadette (the managers at Cameron House) are really busy with cleaning and yard work and getting new towels and things like that. I hear we’re getting new bikes too! Personally, I don’t like bike riding, but guests at the inn sure seem to. They say that Manteo, NC, is the perfect place to ride since it has no hills – whatever that means.

Since it’s Spring on Roanoke Island, all the shops and restaurants and other places downtown are open. There’s one restaurant down on the waterfront where I go with Mom and Dad. They sit outside with me. In fact, the dog and several other of the cats walk down with us. People think that’s funny for some reason. I say, why wouldn’t I want to go out to eat with them? It’s food. I’m a cat!

Mom wanted me to tell you that you need to come see us again but to make your reservation really soon. I can tell she’s super busy already because I don’t get all the massages I deserve. Maybe when you’re here, you’ll let me sit on your lap outside and you’ll give me one. Please! Purrrrrrr.

Until we meet again….

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