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Dogs. Bleeegh. For some reason, a lot of the people who come to Cameron House Inn in Manteo, NC, seem to like these stinky, loud creatures. Mom and Dad even have a special room where dogs are welcome to come. I asked them once why they don’t have a special room for cats and they just ignored me. How rude. Cats are much prettier and cleaner and smarter, as you can tell from this blog. Our dog, Deacon, sure couldn’t write this thing.

Anyway, Mom asked me to tell you all something about the dogs that come to Cameron House, and since she is responsible for my food, I’ll comply. The most recent dog here was named Ivy. She was a mixed breed (which we cats call mutts). Overall, she was pretty nice. She didn’t bark at me or even at Deacon. Dogs must have some secret communication that tells them when to bark at each other and when not to. Another dog at Cameron House recently was loud, big and constantly wagging his tail. Thankfully, I forgot his name. Then there were Misty and Molly. Mercy of Isis!…they yapped all the time! And they were a lot smaller than I am! What self-respecting dog is that small? Really?

As I said, dogs are welcome at Cameron House, but they can’t come into the main inn – some (of the very intelligent) guests are afraid of these animals. But the room they stay in is really nice and big, and there is a huge yard they can visit…as long as they don’t chase me or the other members of my pride. Mom doesn’t charge more for dogs, which I think is absolutely stupid. But she says that dog owners, especially those who love their dogs so much that they bring them on vacation are…and I might be paraphrasing here…usually some of the best sort of people around who are honest to the bone and would never leave us with a mess from their pet. Really. Sometimes I worry about my Mom.

One more note before I go chase squirrels. Roanoke Island, where Manteo, NC, is located, is a pretty dog-friendly place. You see lots of them downtown walking around with their people. Some restaurants even put water bowls out for them.

To that, I say…meh.

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